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10 Feb


What some of our communication workshop participants are saying about taking action….

February 10, 2014 | By |

“I will consider the health issues of my staff by providing exercise and food” (Business owner )

“To action a leadership role” (Finance industry)

” Prompted me to think positively about leadership”

“Value younger peoples ideas more” (Internet marketer)

“More positive to myself, be grateful and apologise to neutralise” (General practitioner)

“Raise key issues to do with staff health and welfare at our next partners meeting” (Solicitor)

“Exercise” (General practitioner)

“To have more confidence to step up and just do what I love” ( Wellness industry )

“Goal setting” ( Hospitality industry)

“Learn to love rejection and model from mentors” ( Health industry )

“Re-invigorate coaching businesses” (Business Coach)

“Keeping my friends around me and learn new things, Love Rejection and Go for It”

“Have more faith in my abilities and be more forceful”

” Take more risks” ( Business coach)

” Email my mentors” ( Pelvic Floor Consultant )