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11 Aug


Sabrina Heading

August 11, 2013 | By |

Dr Sabrina Pit is the Founder of Work Wiser International. She has been a researcher for over 20 years.

She has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research, stakeholder consultation, data management, survey design and analyses, statistical analyses and program evaluation.

Sabrina is able to implement evidence-based research outcomes into business practices to improve the well-being and work ability of people, teams and organisations.

Sabrina can help you, your team or organisation work towards your own sustainable employability.

She has experience in effectively mapping and analysing health, quality of life, burnout, ‘presenteeism’, absenteeism, and work ability of people.

Sabrina can assist with determining the risk of staff leaving your organisation and provide follow up procedures and measures to prevent staff turnover.
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