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For Organisations

We solve your problems

using high-quality research and policy analysis in:


You may be at risk of losing your valued workers.

We can identify workers or groups of workers at risk of leaving your organisation. We can assist in developing an action plan for individuals to prevent this.


Your best asset is a healthy and productive workforce.

Use the evidence-based Sustainable Employability Profile to improve your workforce potential. This tool is used by large multinationals. We use and develop best-practice models and tools to help your organisation create a sustainable healthy workforce whilst saving money. We can measure, map, monitor and continuously improve the wellbeing,productivity, and employability of your workers.


Productivity or bullying at work?

We can analyse and benchmark the health, engagement, burnout, work-life balance, bullying, employability and productivity of your staff on organisational or departmental level or by other variables such as gender, age or industry. This forms the basis for developing tailored interventions for your organisation.


You can improve your workforce.

We have a team of experts that can assist in implementing integrated management systems such as Employability Management Systems, Work Health Surveys, Quality Management Systems and developing lead indicators. Contact us.


in partnership with practical experts, assisting you in answering your most pressing questions. 

For Individuals

Do you want to improve your career success? Are you unhappy at work or ready for a change?

If you have a career question or you are not sure about your current work situation, gain clarity by completing the evidence-based Sustainable Employability Profile. You can also use this tool as a volunteer within an organisation.

Take charge and become the entrepreneur of your own working life. Email us today.

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