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Ms Vibeke Hansen

Vibeke is an outcome focused researcher, taking pride in providing clients with services and products of the highest quality. She brings with her a wealth of expertise from 15 years experience in behavioural and health research.
She has worked across a broad range of research modalities, with a particular focus on the measurement of health related behaviours within an organisational context, and assessment and modification of health risk behaviours, psychosocial and health outcomes.

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Since 2005, Vibeke has worked extensively in the area of assessment of occupational burnout, and as a testament to her contribution to the field invited to co-author a training module on burnout for the Applied Sciences of Oncology Distance Learning Project – an international training program for oncologists, widely distributed in developed countries.
Vibeke brings to her role a wealth of experience at project management level and a thorough understanding and extensive experience relating to quantitative and qualitative research methods, ensuring that clients receive an evidence-based service, based on sound research principles.

Vibeke holds a Class I Honours Degree in Psychology (University of Newcastle).

Vibeke has published her academic and policy work extensively for organisations such as the Cancer Council and in top medical peer-reviewed journals such as the Medical Journal of Australia.

She is very passionate about survey and database design and development, and environmental sustainability.

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