Do you think you are not a leader? Think again and join us!

Leadership means a lot of things. Some people think they are not leaders but if we look closer, everyone is a leader. We lead ourselves and we lead by example at work, at home and in the community. Some people lead families, some lead at work, and some people lead by creating beautiful art. Learn more about your own leadership skills in our leadership workshop.




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By completing this seminar, you will go home with handy hints on increasing your own leadership skills, and become the leader you want to be!

This seminar will help you


Discover your own leadership qualities

Create your own short and long term leadership goals

Call us to book a three hour workshop.


Cost: $67
Concession: $47

Locations: Syndey, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and regional areas in consultation*


You will receive

Leadership-Model-You Template

This streamlined template will help you put your personal work plan into action.


Practical skills to use everyday

Use your newfound leadership skills to thrive in all aspects of your life. 

Questions? Please contact us on or +61 429 455 720

*Exact location to be confirmed. Minimum 10 people per workshop.