ISO Human Resource Management Standards

Along with our partners worldwide, Work Wiser International has developed a suite of programs to certify individuals and organisations. Our unified development approach ensures that individuals and organisations will receive consistent world-leading programs no matter where you are in the world.

Our Global HR Standards Collaborative consists of world-leading experts in human resource management standards and, the analytics field. Indeed, most have, and continue to be, heavily involved in developing human resource management standards.

Our International Collaborative Members

Company Contact  Region
HRM Advisory Pty Ltd Neil McCormick Australasia and the Pacific
Work Wiser International Sabrina Pit Australasia and the Pacific and the Netherlands
HR Metrics Zahid Mubarak Pakistan, Asia, Middle East and, Russia
HCMI Jeff Higgins The Americas & Canada
Spiral HR Karl Craven United Kingdom
4C  Group Heiko Mauterer Germany

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