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Drs Gerard Scheenstra

Drs Gerard Scheenstra is an entrepreneur and change agent to move things forward and is results driven.

Gerard works as international partner and consultant with Work Wiser International.

He has held previous senior management roles with multinational insurance companies such as the Director Business Systems Solutions (CIO) for Aon Holdings Asia. Gerard is a creative entrepreneur, business analyst, coach and lecturer. He is experienced in setting-up and implementing creative new business models and projects.

Gerard helps businesses develop sustainable employability initiatives.

He can support you to improve innovative behaviour within your organisation. He can also help you with developing co-creative startups of innovation hotspots.

Gerard believes that, apart from creativity and the sustainable employability of people, ICT is the main force of realising innovations for both internal and external oriented business processes.

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Gerard Scheenstra

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Since 2001 Gerard has worked with Dutch Professor Dr Beatrice van der Heijden, HR expert, to translate scientific insights of sustainable employability into practical tools for people and organisations.

He is co-founder of the company KnowVium BV, which is a co-creative organisation of passionate people around the theme sustainable employability.

Since 1988 Gerard has been active as a coach and a mentor for students to assist with work experience, internship and graduation. Gerard believes that a better match between education and practice is highly desirable.
Gerard can offer your staff an international entrepreneurial experience.

What Gerard can offer you:


Pragmatic solutions and getting things done
Business development and business incubation
Assist you in adapting to different cultures and environments
  • International business experience, management of multicultural staff for different projects in multiple countries
Working with boards within your organisation
  • Gerard’s specialties:

  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • Change & Innovation management, creation of innovation hotspots
  • Program management
  • Hands on business incubation
  • Sustainable Employability initiatives on personal & organizational level
  • Personal drive and touch
  • IT, HR, sustainable employability and strategic alignment
  • Insurance industry