Employability Potential Profile

Discover what makes you a valuable employee, and receive a personalised Employability Pathway.

Discover your Employability Pathway

Employees that keep their knowledge up to date and refresh their skills are valuable for an organisation.

With our Employability Potential Profile you can work towards becoming or remaining that employee.

Employees who have the right knowledge and skills are valuable for an organisation, but employees who have the knowledge and skills for the future are invaluable!

The Employability Potential Profile teaches you how to become that employee.

What does it involve?

You will complete a confidential secure online survey about:

  • Your Career Potential: occupational expertise, anticipation, personal flexibility, corporate sense, work-life balance
  • Your job and organisational factors
  • Your personality, health and work-ability


What you will receive

  • An individualised report
  • A coaching session with a Career Coach
  • An action plan for areas of improvement.
  • Further coaching is available



Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $100


Bookings: sabrina@workwiser.com.au